Testimonials & Reviews

“It is a singer’s dream to work with a conductor who is brilliant musically as well as a genuine person.”

“I had the pleasure and honour to work with him in 2010 at the MPO’s concert ‘Eternal Love’ and it was one of the high-lights in my career.”
“Kevin is renowned for his expertise in modern and contemporary music; but he is equally prodigious in classic repertoire.”

“When Kevin conducts, he moves and breaths with us; the flow of the music together with his unique expression is beyond words. Kevin is a singer’s conductor.”

Yu Shu-Cheen

"I've had the great pleasure to perform my Viola Concerto with Kevin Field at the helm of a large and complex orchestral accompaniment and could not have felt in more assured hands."

Brett Dean

“Kevin Field is an exceptionally talented and knowledgeable proponent, commissioner and performer of new music and the contemporary repertoire. His enthusiasm and passion are infectious and refreshingly engaging.”

Ian Smallbone
Arts Management Consultant

“We need to talk about Kevin: Kevin Field is not simply a conductor, but a real musician, an inspiring and creative collaborator who is an invigorating breath of fresh air in today's harsh musical world. He is a huge support and friend to composers, artists and teachers who seek to cut through the bullshit and get to the heart of what matters - creativity, communication, spirit, commitment and honesty.”

“We desperately need people like Kevin. I haven't worked with him nearly enough, but hope to be touched by his energy, his generous spirit and effervescent enthusiasm a lot more in the future.”

Fraser Trainer

“Field’s concert with the RTE Concert Orchestra at the National Concert Hall suggested a conductor passionately interested in communication – he was always in command – good at suggesting by hand and body-language what was just around the corner.”

Martin Adams
The Irish Times

“A cathartic, wrenching experience – Field’s affinity for this music was always in abundance.”

Benjamin Chee

“The BBC/MPO performance of my “At the White Edge of Phrygia” with Kevin Field sounded pretty damn good and exciting: I liked its velocity and energy – well done!”

Stephen Montague

“Kevin Field is nothing short of amazing. He was able to traverse the world of jazz and classical in ways that were a lesson in and of itself. He had some very musical suggestions for my piece (this was my first professional writing for strings and woodwinds in this setting) that made a big difference. It was helpful that he and the musicians took a liking to my piece. He brought out the best in the music with direction that was concise, and he did it with respect, grace and leadership. Every year we are presented with the daunting task of preparing a huge quantity of music in a just a few days. We always say at the beginning of the week “how are we going to get this done?, but in the end it always comes together. Fritz obviously knows what he’s doing in the people he hires, and this year, Kevin gets the prize for pulling it off!”

Tom Gosling
Trombone / Composer

“Kevin revealed an affinity for negotiating the musical extremes, sailing smoothly over the sonic eruptions and looking deep beneath the surface.”

Ken Smith
Financial Times

“All in all, Kevin’s seemingly limitless energy and his need to expand the possibilities of modern music display a unique determination. Whether through commissioning new music, through the encouragement of new composers or the discovery of talented young performers, Kevin has helped make the MPO one of the most progressive orchestras in Asia. And perhaps more so, Kevin has played a key role in helping the MPO enhance the quality, variety and standing of modern Malaysian culture.”

Paul Loosley
Film Director, Axis Films

"Kevin Field is a remarkable musician – intuitive, communicative and expressive, with a quick wit and relaxed manner which are underpinned by thorough preparation and a deep understanding of the purpose of the performance. For me, as a devisor and presenter of family and schools concerts, it is essential to have a conductor who can switch styles effortlessly and convey the joy of orchestral performance - Kevin has this ability in abundance.”

Alasdair Malloy

"Kevin Field was at the helm of a major initiative: The Malaysian Philharmonic Orchestra’s Composers’ Forum, (2002-2013). The Forum was hugely successful in developing new orchestral works, discovering Malaysian composers and bringing enthusiastic new audiences to the concert hall. Collaborations, festivals and professional networks arose from this Forum, which continue to benefit Malaysian contemporary music today.”

“Kevin’s work in developing the Malaysian Philharmonic Youth Orchestra has resulted not only in critical success for the MPYO, which has been acknowledged as one of the finest youth orchestras in Asia; on a personal level, it has created many successes and heartwarming memories for its young musicians and their communities.”

“His valuable contributions to the Malaysian music scene include, importantly, introducing Western orchestral instruments to schoolchildren in classrooms across the country. Others are emulating outreach and music education programs, which he designed, today.”

“He is well-loved (despite uncompromising standards and unrealistic expectations!), “Abang Kevin” came to Malaysia as a conductor, but he also brought along his exceptional zeal, strong ideas, and sense of humour. Sixteen years on, I am glad, and most grateful, that he did."

Saidah Rastam